Just being me, (not in a bad way) it’s inevitable that I would return to this category…hence it remaining a category here.

I had a scathing few paragraphs to put down but I just don’t feel like it anymore. It just doesn’t deserve my effort or anger. Was it the most unprofessional interaction I’ve been the recipient of? I think so but I haven’t had a ton of coffee yet to remember. Is Pam Coggins/Smith/Whatever a crazy cunt? Yes. Is Zane Brockhoff a piece of shit who I do worry about his future and how he treats women? Yes. Am I better off this way? Yes…apparently everyone in the world knew it but I was blind…my bad…something I’ll be working on. Is this the last time I’ll type their names? Yes. And it’s off my chest.

I for sure breathe easier these past few days. And really my life hasn’t changed a ton. I made pennies (which looks like penis I just noticed) so no real impact there. I’ve got a wonderful husband and dog–lights of my life. And my fingers are typing. I sort of feel like smiling.

I should mention however that I am now taking Lithium so…it’s aaaaa Lithium smile?

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