I was in Dallas this past weekend. It was for my best friend’s birthday. And…we drove.

The theme song was Kiss Me More by that cat lady (the one song on my playlist all four of us knew).

Had a really good time. My first air bnb, my first friends trip! It was a sort of embarrassing realization that my 36 yr old ass hadn’t been on a friend trip.

I started vaping. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s hard coming face-to-face with something you opposed but now gave in to. Am I a vaping sell-out?

And you guys I stayed out at a bar until like 12:30 AM. Like I do not stay up like that anymore and I was crazy drunk which I do not do anymore but now feel like I’d like to do more.

We went and saw that JFK museum. It didn’t really hit me that is was an all consuming death museum until a little while in. It’s not like he was from Dallas, he got his head blown out in Dallas. He is one of my favorite presidents and I was looking at where he got killed and you could see like Instagram pics being taken in the road where he was. That kind of stuff gets me going existential. When I get going existential I’ll probably saw something I shouldn’t so…maybe later.


The first time I ever went to Dallas was with the women in my family about 15 years ago I’d say. It as to an Arbonne conference. So think makeup and health pyramid scheme. My mother cried cuz she’s a goddamn bitch (in the omg I can’t handle it way), my cousin cried at the fanciest restaurant I’d ever been to because she ordered the one dish no one else did. (also I fucking love my cousin). And my parents made my sister and I pay our own way with everything because as I mentioned many times they’re pieces of shit.

Needless to say, I didn’t become and Arbonne seller and I don’t think anyone else did. Here’s looking at you Mary Kay.

Wait, I’m going to get double existential here. I better go and turn it all into a poem that never gets published. Thank you, Goodnight.

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