It’s almost my 37th birthday, and the universe was like, okay, I’ll give you something. It said here, you can have two things published already. I’m like WOW, thanks!

My flash fiction: Business at Twenty-One

My poem: The Most Beautiful

The poem isn’t out yet but you can read my story @ …if you want

30 people read it so I must have yelled about it enough

TW: suicide

The Most Beautiful is based on the beautiful suicide of Evelyn McHale. If you haven’t looked it up you really should. I suppose it’s triggering, but it’s also full of beauty and deep sadness. Her death photo is tragic but ethereal. Her story is one that just grabbed my soul. I’ve even painted her. It’s in the vein of the romantic period of writing (my favorite). The period is full of pain and anti-heroes. The deepest love that can or cannot be. Evelyn had love, but it wasn’t enough. She wrote her husband a letter and decided her only way out was to jump. I can’t reconcile the death, and how I feel about it, and how others might see my opinion as cruel. It’s just how I feel. I do encourage people to take the risk and see her photo. It’s haunting and amazing all at once.


I want to talk about marijuana…

It’s great!

The End

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