I swore I would never re-watch but fucking Netflix. It’s a common point of discussion amongst woman (and some men) in their 30s about…Rory’s…mate. Who should it be? Which suitor is the ultimate golden trophy choice man?!






The opinion and bias is strong and brutal, dangerous and violent, timely and strangely unfamiliar to people under 20. I know this is a divisive topic but I’m going to make my stand public.

It’s Jess, obviously. Books are Rory’s life AND Jess’s. Passion for knowledge and each other. He was ready to start a whole new life with her. Yes a rift in the family might occur but true love? True love that is so amazing. It sounds childish to people married for years but that’s bullshit. Dean is basically a flaccid penis and Logan is hedgehog that never worked for anything. These are obviously accurate observations.

Jess is hot, fucking hot. Leather jacket, dark hair, super witty. Writer! Self-made man!

But spoiler, heartbreak. That’s why I’ve never gone back to it until now. Truth-be-told I skip around. It drives everyone else nuts but if romance doesn’t go my way then I skip. Or quit in general. I’ve a tv romance giver-upper. And this, this is the ultimate Gilly Girl stab in the heart and kick to the solar plexus. It’s Jess. Jess is the winner and everyone knows they were meant to be together. EVERYONE knows.

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