Trying to turn this ship around goddamnit. This 2021 ship that got royally fucked when idiots attacked the capital. I couldn’t decide how to attempt this month’s post and I still don’t know—stream of consciousness maybe?

The people who bore me are nut-jobs and Karens and a guy who brings a large knife tucked into the back of his pants to a funeral and then when it fell out on the pew in front of me, I thought about grabbing it and letting him think he lost it. I still think about that shot I didn’t take.

My mother the Karen went on an email rampage…completely typical…the shrink agreed. I came out everyone, yes I came out…as a…an atheist. That’s right everyone! There is no God!! HAHA! How bout them apples?! Bring it on, bring on the righteous hate! I love evolution! 2+2+4! Hail Satan!

Wait? Does being an atheist mean I love Satan? If Satan was real maybe…but he is also not real soooooo…me not evil???

If I wrote a letter to the cops with my left hand, all they’d have to do was make me write with my left hand and be like yeah it was totally her.

Soy un Tía Bueno.

Watch the movie Kid Detective

Tell your friends you love them. They’re your family.

Submit your art to places

And most importantly, submit to evil, forget what I said above.

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