I have chronic kidney stones and it would be very close to the truth to say that they have ruined my life. Hence I would not let them ruin my weekend. My special weekend with my best friend. So in order to make this happen I pushed through* …with the help of drugs. So many drugs are our friends.

Drugs…I thought you had my back.


In order to give myself the few days that I wanted to slammed down the hydrocodone to lessen my pain. I wanted MY life back. The couple days were sincerely needed. And I feel a great amount of love whenever Travis visits and it keeps me going in other areas of my life. He is the best. And then he left.


Hydrocodone causes constipation. Now I will trade pain for constipation a majority of the time. But I did not expect what happened.


I could sugar coat this and add in the surrounding story but I’m not going to.


I could not get the poo out. Could not. Never in my life people. Never in my life.


Had to use gloves to go into my bhole and try to get it out. So much pain. No amount of pushing helped.* I had to stick a tiny bullet of medicine up my butt while I lay on my side. This is a hell I’ve never known.


This…This is why I missed my father’s 60th birthday. The End.

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