I haven’t put anything together for this one–just writing. Like a lot of bloggers (almost to a cliche point), shocker I have mental problems. Bipolar depression and anxiety and shit. I’ve taken medicine for it for years. But I don’t think there is any cure that works 100% of the time.

It comes and goes, triggered and sometimes for no reason. I think there are communities that have good intentions…want to help. But eventually almost everything get corrupted. I have an app called Stigma. I don’t want to explain it all but pervs are everywhere and having virtual friends fall off the face of the earth fucking sucks.

I think thebloggess helps. Her books help. She cultivates a sense of community. But it hurts though. It really does hurt. “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” – Earnest Hemingway. Now I’m not a fucking genius but once you start breaking down Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…well fuck me sideways. Sadness can run through your veins and your whole body. And there is nothing you can do. Just bury your head in your dog’s tummy and breathe in the frito smell. Cry. Try to get through. Other people are feeling it too.

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