Well it’s the middle of February

Here in Kansas City we got to celebrate big with our football team. Then we had to cry a lament because of a shooting. I feel a little bit like just ending the post right there. Like I have nothing more to say really. Just watch every news outlet in the world and I’m sure it’s all over it. I don’t care to tune in.

It was Valentine’s day, one with a dark cloud looming over it soooo wasn’t really in the mood.

Mostly I turn 39 next week. I don’t particularly like my birthday. It just reminds me that life is finite. And also that I don’t want to live past 80. Meh, I don’t want to talk anymore about this either.

Wow, this month’s post is shaping up wonderfully.

“There’s no money in poetry. But there’s no poetry in money either.”

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