I am sort of employed again. A wonderful place of oddities and antiques has hired me but on what they call a seasonal basis. It stings but it is what it is.


I mean, technically I am due a LOTR marathon and refresher so it wouldn’t be right for me to take on more work. And my dog, well, he is my kid so he needs taking care of as well. I’m really just too damn busy.


I think I’m going to start doing a thing where I take a scene from a movie or something and then put the real words in that should be said…


Ex: The fight at Minas Tirith—the Witch King is on his dragon thing and about to kill King Theodan when Eowen jumps in.


She is like “Oh not today fucker!” and cuts off the head of the dragon


It flips around and the Witch King stands up all big and scary and says. “Bitch! WTF!” then he starts swinging his mace and keeps missing and is like, “SHIT!, FUCK! SHIT! Goddamnit Bitch!”


That’s just a little snippet but I’m pretty sure that’s what would really be said.


So anyways, um, laundry to do, K bye.

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