This time of year is a bit tough for me.

It’s about to be fucking hot which I cannot stand. Children are out of school at all times. And it’s like the suckiest holidays. The 4th of July is some weird perverted mess of a celebration of losing a monarchy and getting…well at this point…a tyrant. Great…..

The other reasons are the days for mothers and fathers. It’s easy when you’re young because you think yeah, that’s my mom, she gets an extra “birthday party” cuz it just says so.  But since being an adult for some time now, I take issue.

Frankly, I dislike my parents. They were shitty and now still shitty just in different ways, I’m sort of curious how many ways are possible. They’re still relatively young so the world can keep making more opportunities for them I guess.  I’m not going to go into detail about all of the stains…it would take too long.

As a childfree adult the lenses I see the world through are consistent.  I don’t have to adjust for a young mind that can’t use a toilet or fights over not sleeping or eating. (Both of which are amazing duh) At this point, adding to the population is just destroying the world faster. We’re talking the Keynesian Theory, Population Control Theory. These are hundreds of years old too; this stuff has been around people.

So I got off track there, the point is, I get sick when I have to buy gifts and have special days for people I have to pretend to…love? Like? Endure? How about acknowledge, I’ll do that. I feel like I’m sacrificing a sweet animal to a God that is a phony.

I’m quite jealous of a friend of mine because she hit the parent jackpot. And those people, well they didn’t need kids to be true and good people, she lucked out. I’m sure more jackpot parents are out there.

I’ll just be here. Waiting out the summer heat and try to reason with reason. Fuck sweating.

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