I applied for a job on a whim–like usual. I got it! The only thing now is that I’m terrified. Why do I always do this kind of shit? I’m about to alter a lovely way of life for myself. I guess I did it for a little bit of money. Or is it because I want to get out of the house a bit? Either way, now it’s like I’ve gotten myself into a scary mess. Yes I’ve done some editing in the past couple years but I haven’t had a real job since 2019. And a lot of people know how that ended.

With heartbreak.

Jobs, what are they? A necessary evil? A fun thing to do? I don’t know. I get to be around books. I get to be on a college campus. Two of my favorite things. Then there’s the whole meeting new people. Possibly ones I don’t like. Working in a cubicle was a disaster. So my chances are good I’ll excel in this bookstore.

What about the life I like so well for a couple of years? Coffee in the morning. Look at my phone a tad. Then to my laptop to write brilliant pieces that everyone loves and get published all the time (joke).

They asked me if I’ve ever had a disagreement with a co-worker. Getting fired out of the blue by text was nasty. The only time I’ve been fired. The only time I’ve desperately missed a job. Yes, a 19-year-old decided he didn’t like me anymore and his immature mother did me in. And his name was Zane. Who’s name is Zane anyway? Someone named Zane got the better of me.

Well, I’m going to start a new adventure soon. Employed soon. Which will lead to more new shoes. Fingers crossed.

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