I took an editing job that was offered to me by an acquaintance this past month or so. It felt really amazing to be doing something that is part of my purpose. Something that give me a sense of meaning in this world. Truly. Words are my oxygen. My absolute favorite way to convey life and live it. I had no idea the genre or much about it at all going in but I happily jumped off the high-dive into it.


T– You’re reading a fucky fuck book!!! HAAAAHAHA


T–Yeah it’s a romantic novel which are really just sex books for women.

J–What?! I’ve never read one in my life! I didn’t know all this was coming! I’m no prude but this is some kind of curveball. I’m sort of a classic’s snob girl. What In the ever-loving hell is this?!

T—you’re the best editor I know so just do your job and you’ll be fine!

J—okay, yes, editing can be done on anything really. I’m doing it for the audience of the book…but who is that and what do they want?

T—fucky fuck books

I read and I read and I noted and I noted. At the beginning I kept mentioning that certain scenes seemed “unrealistic” or “unlikely”. Turns out, in fuck world everything is possible! It’ a Willy Wonka scenario for sexy time. The farther I read the less I touch the sex scenes and just let them play out. If this is what the genre wants, who am I (a novice) to say it isn’t real. That shit will stick with you, and I think that’s the point. Crazy sex situations for the lady spank-bank. The writer in me may have been struck dumb at certain points but the editor in me was thinking about the audience. That’s who books should be for right? If I’m always writing for an academic audience, well, it’s a different feeling. I’ll even admit it’s a little less fun.

The Fuck Fuck book was done and I felt good about my notes. I got used to the characters voices and figured out I’m not looking for Danté or John Milton. I was looking for what the author was saying…which was the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of readers, which is far more that will ever see my poetry dribble (that I love).

If you don’t know what’s behind the cover-don’t judge it. If you do know what’s behind the cover…tell a girl first!

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