As of right now, I think I’m looking at a month long string of illness. It started with a kidney stone that sent me to the ER. Then a cold that turned out to be a double ear infection. Then the kidney stone again at the ER, which meant being, admitted to the hospital and surgery time. These are consecutive weeks people. (Damn grammar check just let me fucking write).


I haven’t shit, pooped, shadoobied, in over a week. It’s the price you pay to take the drugs keeping the pain away. Yes I’ve taken exlax mother! I’m being candid about poop because I just don’t care anymore. You get desperate when you’re constipated. And now I just realized that I put a link to this page on my FB page…I might go take that down right after this.


Tuesday is the day that my ureter stent comes out. Google if you want. But it’s basically a plastic tube that is in my torso and comes out through my pee hole. Do you know how big your pee hole is? Not very. The last time I had one taken out the doctor said—oh look it’s a girl! I swear to god if that lame joke happens again…I will try my best to pee on him.           Thank you.

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