October is a very busy month. Just in general. Lots of birthdays…Valentines babies? New Years babies? Idk how babies work.

I went to D.C. with the husband. It was fun but it also pissed me off. I feel like that’s the tag line for the city. Good food but KC has better. I guess any burger at a zoo is going to suck though. The damn red panadas weren’t out which was all David wanted to see. Those little ring-tailed bastards.

All my friends came in town for the weekend. It’s…there are no words for how lucky I am to have them. Everyone is different but we all mesh. It’s like a 90s movie character cast only with lots of alcohol, edibles, and cigarettes. Which is the proper way to live life. Be on some sort of substance. It’s the only way to make it through everything. I wore some shoes that ripped my heels up and gave me blisters. I’m always doing that. Fashion first I guess. But bonus! We went to the Mystic Fair and of course bought a million things. We all try to buy rings when we go to mark the occasion. Mine is killer with pyrite and onyx. The fancy restaurant we went to made some people sick, like barfing sick…trust the filet everyone. Trust the filet.

It’s spooky season but I don’t feel too spooky. Didn’t get the decorations up this year which I know it partially why. Too busy. I watched a scary movie but it was lame. They trick you by putting a Sarsgard in it only to kill him off first. Spoiler. That just means I’ll be leaning on the old tried-and-true Sleepy Hallow. Which everyone should lean on quite frankly.

I feel like this post is filled with really good advice. Where to visit, what to eat, what to watch. Basically you’re welcome.

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