I was lucky enough to meet my husband in college, long before technology and dating apps and such. I say this because I’ve luckily never been “ghosted” by love. Now I’m not sure what is worse, ghosted by a date or a job.

Guys, I’ve been seriously ghosted. And it blows. Big time. I had an interview and everything. Everyone is coming up with reasons this happened, and sure maybe some of them are true, but damn, not my dream job. Like literally, dream job. We’re talking stay there the rest of my life job.

Now I’ve heard nothing. And it’s been a while. Way past when they said they would know who they wanted for a second interview. And yes, maybe I fucking sucked in my interview. Maybe I said all the wrong things…(Not possible)…but dude, I’d like to know.

And the real messy thing is that it’s not uncommon. I’ve got one of the most schizophrenic resumes you can imagine. There’s no helping that now. There’s no helping that ever.

It took me a couple days to get over it. It can be pretty isolating being the only one in your circle with no job. And literally isolating since I don’t see co-workers and such every day. It’s just me and dogs and my desk.

Idk, maybe I’ve got this all wrong. Maybe I should just put on my Robin Hood hat all day, or my Galadriel crown and just walk around the house like a magical badass. “Be at Peace with Your Fate” is the mantra that came to me one day. Maybe my fate is to write and wear head adornments.  While my husband moves forward in his career making all the money we need.

Idk, cheers to my witch’s hat I bought at the mystic fair last year. Cheers to indica gummies in the afternoon. Cheers to those who support me when I’m low. And cheers, I guess, to being unemployed.

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