It’s 2018 and a job is out there—what it is I don’t know. Maybe Instagram needs a new model (which is a thing). You know, someone who is like a 5, kinda chunky, nice clothes…I mean my skill list for this goes on.


I very quickly was able to get an interview with an oddities shop in town. I didn’t get the job obviously which I have to say is still mind-boggling. And if something happens to the person who did get it well…ppsshhh…we’ve all seen the craft…obviously things come back three-fold so I’m a good witch.


It’s been my experience that getting a job takes around 4-6 months. About the same amount of time it takes my body to create and release a kidney stone. While I try to see this challenge with positivity, my husband is watching Entourage in the living room and I can hear it. It is the douch-E-est show ever made and most likely all men are horrible. (except for Asian-gay assistants—stay strong Lloyd)

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