Okay you fucking fuck. No one has convinced me to feel pain more than you. And you lied. You told me you couldn’t get married. You once told me you wished another woman’s baby would die so you could be with her and she could leave her husband. I mean wait a sec—I’m upset over this person? This person who thinks about or cares about me never. Somehow in my head I have glorified this “first love” oh it was true love ideal. Has my husband ever acted in ANY such way? NEVER. Does my husband continuously build for me a life to make me comfortable and loved? YES. And no, life is not perfect, because it would never be perfect with ANYONE. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the scum that is you. Time heals all wounds—yes and no. I was quite fine for a good while until a picture. A picture of a proven liar. If anyone needs a steadfast example of a boy who is never a man, I’ve got one for you. I was spared you really. It may not have been clear but now it’s crystal. You don’t deserve happiness and if reality has it’s day it’s only a matter of time until yours implodes. You’re far too selfish. This is the first ever time I’ve truly lashed out about the truth and yes it’s self-serving but damn why did I wait so long? I think I was sure you were telling the truth about at least one goddamn thing in your life. And no, you weren’t. And I’m done having any shred of soft, caring, naïveté for you. I’ve been ridiculous in that sense. Man I wish I could get those years back. And the other women could get their time back as well. For Christ sake you wanted a baby gone. And you know what? I’ve kept that knowledge to myself because it painted you in an insane light that I believed your heart was so hurt I wanted to comfort it. WTF. I mean fuck, start this new path to a new disaster. I’m thankful I won’t be around to soften the ground when you hit it…just like how you could care less about me. Just know there is someone out there that finally hates you.

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