Technically I should be writing something important. But instead I’m watching the Mindy Project and sending nudes to my bestie. Just kidding about the nudes but still cute guy pictures.


I had a second dream about my own suicide last night. Can I just say there’s no real “bouncing back” from those dreams. And let me tell you, that shit hurts. It is way more fucked up than when Adam Pally left the show even though he really really shouldn’t have.


Basically when things are going well then I suspect bad shit right around the corner. Shit corner. I see it. I know it. I can feeeeeel it. And who the hell knows what is waiting for me on that corner. All I can think of is a kick in the taco with a steel toe boot.


I like Mindy because she is so positive about herself it’s funny in a delusional way. Like delusional. Man I want to be delusional, it looks so good. About life…about Tom Hardy…my attractiveness…my future in general.


Honestly my next post will probably be an update to this post.

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