Well firstly I got laid off…and then I got a new job that I haven’t written about because I like it so much and I’m scared I will jinx it. I feel like if I’m there for a year then I won’t be scared I’m losing my job the very next second. I actually don’t even want to talk about it because I like it.

Anyways, I started taking Ambien, I think it has made my life magic and wonderful. Even the bad stuff turns out good and worth it.

Lodestar/Loadstar is the word of the year.

I got really into Norse Mythology and read the Neil Gaiman book about it. And I think basically I’m the goddess of Hell who’s name is Hel. She’s half dead and half alive…I mean if you know me well it makes perfect sense.

I’ve discovered I feel pretty ugly…I’ll try to figure that out but I’m not super sure how yet. I’m pretty sure I’m too old to have an ugly phase so….

I could talk about politics but that isn’t what I want right here.

I wrote and got published

I’ve got some real killer friends and a killer husband. And lots of killer problems.

I’m watching Girls right now, I specifically picked the episode with Patrick Wilson. I remember it was a big deal when it came out because he hooks up with Lena Dunham and of course the world said she was too ugly for him. It would never happen in real life. I feel like people would say that about me, like I’m gross. I love the episode though because it’s a quick imagination of what a different life could be. A life that’s easy to want but will never happen. She knows she can’t stay with Patrick Wilson forever, and she sees his eyes reveal that his thoughts have changed. But take the robe, just take that super expensive cushy robe of his that can be a memory but also the fanciest thing you’ve ever owned. Like Hannah just leave the house with the new signature on your heart but not like with anything psycho, just the robe.

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