It’s the year 2020 and I’m coughing, stuffy yet somehow leaking nose, and my ear kind of hurts.

Starting out strong…sick and jobless…with a loving husband and baby-boy dachshund.

I’m cuddled up with the bubby watching Bones and reliving the shotgun blasts and fucking airhorn from last night. Yes my city is a Super bowl champion. And rich white people only know one way…shooting guns on your property. We got a funny gif out of it so I mean, meh.

Shit my nose is swollen and really Bones is a stupid show.

I’ve got a lot coming up in my life this month and somehow I still spend everyday thinking about how I don’t have a job and what kind of person that makes me. What does that make me? I’d like to think I’m a good dog mom. A good wife. A good example of a life who doesn’t care what others think of them.

Keep a look out for:

My birthday party events

Buying a first house

Deciding which soup was used to cover the fake bodies on Bones in…probably the more expensive soups that come in the cartons instead of cans.

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