A Shitty Professor

If Mark Luce ever reads this, I want you to know I hate you. I think you are a shitty person deep down in your heart and guts. I think you made this delusional place for yourself on this earth and you made your own thrown that you sit on. You’re a waste of placement at your job. Someone with an ounce of humility should have it. I mean there are so many adjectives to describe you, it makes my mouth literally salivate at the thought of creating the most choice and perfect missile to fire at you.

But alas, I don’t give a fuck anymore. The above was written some time ago. I still like it.

I wanted to be a professor so I could midigate people like you. But I know you did me dirty when I wanted grad school.

So now I write at home. With my amazing husband’s support. And I don’t think about you, I just came across this little paragraph and thought it deserved the light of day.

So hail Satan, (instead of saying “Amen”) and screw you.

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