I hate America. That’s right—I said it.

What’s happening to the lgbtq community is insane.

And I don’t know what to do about it.

What can I do about it?

Stand on a street corner with a sign?

Cast a spell?

Okay, great…um lets see…be as loving as possible to the community. I guess that’s something.

But not enough.

Power is a strange concept. Only a very few people get some, and it seems like it’s not the right ones at the moment. Well for a long time now, not the right ones.

And Drag shows. The only time I’ve felt completely free and happy was at a Drag show.

I keep waiting and waiting for things to change and they only get worse. I miss Obama. I’ve got a button that says I miss Obama.

I also have one that says Stay Sexy and Don’t get Murdered. Which is also true.

How many murdered lgbtq people will there be? Since no state seems to give a shit in the Midwest and South.

I just turned 38 you guys. They say mid-life is 36. So that’s interesting. I’m in my latter half. But I’ve only been myself for like 16 of it. I’d say at 22 I really woke up. Saw they ways that religion had stunted me. My opinions on lgbtq were skewed. False. Ridiculous. I hope more people wake up somehow. It doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you try to love everyone finally.

I’m not perfect. It takes a lot for me to accept organized religion. But I can’t hate people for it. I’m working on that. This is my year of peace after all.

Be at peace with your fate I say.

(I’m aware…I contain multitudes)

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