In what I know to be an attempt at a delusion to distract from my lack of success, I have taken up skateboarding.


That’s right. And boy did I fucking fall. I was alone but I know it was the hilarious kind, like banana peel slip. I truly wish someone had filmed it but I was alone.


Alone on my back on the cracked pavement of an abandoned tennis court, I pondered whether I had broken something and how embarrassed should I be? My meter has been very off.


I don’t fall often but if I do (public place-where ever) I just lay there for a bit. In fact I recommend everyone do this. What’s the hurry in getting up anyways? Just take in the life-pause that you’ve just been given.


Anyways, I was having my post-crash lay down when a man in a white truck drove up. He yelled at me asking if I lived on the property because I wasn’t supposed to be there. I sat up and told him I did live here. With my helmet on I think he put the picture together but either way he laughed to himself and drove away.


I don’t plan on giving up and I guess if I skate where only the occasional squirrel and maintenance man can find me…shit I wanted to end this on a high note…not a loser??????

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