My name is Jen Coss and I’m unemployed. This blog is clearly my fall-back source of income. I’m 33 and from the Midwest. I have a great husband, 2 great dogs, and a fucking evil cat that just lives downstairs. Thank you.

2023 edit* I’m 38, trying to find peace

2022 edit* I’m 37, can’t believe I’ve been doing this so long. Edibles.

2021 edit* I’m 36, she/her, sometimes employed editing things.

2020 edit* I am 35 years old and stale-ishly unemployed. Surprisingly a little more grown-up.

2019 edit* I AM employed again and I am 34…   **UNemployed again, still 34

2018 edit*     I am freshly NOT employed. Thank you. And this is an ugly-ass picture of myself. Keep an eye out for an exciting new one.

*Updated picture for accuracy.