So I can’t get the song “Killshot” by Eminem out of my head. Like for days now. Great song, time for it to move on though.

My bday party was a hit I would say. I’m lucky enough to have a really great friend group. 7 of us hit the town. Kansas City, that is. Had a nice cross-fade. Had a whole bunch of after party food and went to bed around 3 am. I was basically a much younger version of myself for one night. Very Cinderella.

I’m up early today. Not sure why. Yesterday was Comic Con and I was exhausted. It was so busy and we went on the Friday to kind of avoid as much of a crowd as we could. Today (Saturday), will be insane. All the famous people will be there and I don’t have the guts to go meet them anyways. David got to meet Adam Savage which was a big deal for him. And art, oh the art is so good there. Came home with a bunch.

For the first time ever, a stranger was rude to me on the internet. David says that’s all the internet is really. I said the word, “boomer”. I was reprimanded. By a stranger. All that makes me want to do is say it more. Make a giant post somewhere that just says boomer over and over. And you know it WAS a boomer. And you know what? Yeah, maybe she does have cerebral palsy. Get wrecked!

Still thinking about Gaza. When will all that madness become America? I hope I’m dead by then.

I’m close to finishing another fanfic piece. It’s not as sexy as the others which I think means I’m growing as a storyteller. Writing fiction is my kryptonite. (no pun intended).





*Also someone had an emotional support mini-horse at Comic Con. How can you not let people touch a mini-horse?! Rude.

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