Paul Rudd hid from me


I’m from the suburbs of Kansas City as is the wonderful Paul Rudd. Close to downtown is a shopping district called the Plaza. In the mid 2000s I was out shopping for Christmas gifts with my husband and we were in the Apple Store. It was super crowded but a man with a thick brown beard caught my eye. I recognized the profile and quickly took to a laptop to good “Paul Rudd”. The picture was all the proof I needed and when I turned back around Paul and I locked eyes. He realized that I had clocked him and turned to leave the store. For some unexplained reason I just took off behind him, leaving my husband confused. Instead of stopping him for a picture or something, I said nothing and just stayed following him. We walked past blocks of stores until he turned a corner and as I did, he had vanished. It suddenly struck me that I was being a psycho and was probably just scaring him. The store at the corner was a furniture store and in the dim window I could see Paul Rudd sitting in the chair displayed in the window. I quickly looked down at my feet and sped up because I was fucking shocked and ashamed at my stalking incident. Ever since I assume Paul tells every Christmas the story of the girl in the red sweater haunting his steps. I want to tell him…I’m crazily super-duper sorry.

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