I’m coming up on my year of unemployment. I had a legitimate reason for quitting–that follow your dreams idea. The only problem is, my dream didn’t actually pan out. You know, it was my first try. Dreams are hard. Not hearing if your dream is happening yet is hard, calling to ask is hard, getting told no is hard, getting the letter that says you didn’t get it a few weeks later is hard because they told you like double time.

I want my graduate degree in literature. I want to teach it to college kids. Convince them that it’s beautiful and worthwhile.

But people on a board told me no, which has essentially led me to this couch right now. I’m telling girls how to avoid and turn the tables on the killers in their homes (for fucks sake Liv Tyler). I’m writing things…about how Liv Tyler should be more aggressive. When dealing with psycho killers everyone know you have to play it offense vs offense, fire with fire, crazy with crazy. And that has been an unintentional summary of the movie Strangers starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. Shout out to Glenn Howerton too.

Between all this ruckus I have applied for a job. Now on to Sleepy Hollow, I think we can all agree that Brom had it coming.

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