The longer you hold a torch for someone the more likely you are to get burned or get accused of being a modern-day white supremacist.


For years now I thought I’d never get over my first love.


He said we’re getting married! We’re having kids! We need furniture for our home!…fucks sake woman! Can you be such an idiot?…Yes. Yes I was.


Over ten years on, I’ve been married to the coolest man that is every cliché in the book. And yet, I would still get blue thinking about how the other guy had moved on.


It takes a best friend to hammer and chisel away. Granted that also took years but Travis Jones never gave up J. I can honestly say I wouldn’t even say yes to a lunch with the old “love”. I still have some keepsakes I’m interested in giving back…is an anonymous box on the doorstep filled with things only one other person could have had weird? Like scared for your life weird? For sure not grown-up behavior…


I recommend moving on. Don’t rush and fake it, take your time. But put your mind to it. And duck behind any bush or table or whatever is available when you see them like any sane person would do.

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