Yes I’m talking about the people. The people who are finally getting a voice and technology has come far enough for a man to be that woman inside and vice-versa. So now that’s out of the way.


I suppose it wasn’t until I actually made my first gay friend that I had the thought: you know what—men have boring clothes.


This is really just a thought unto itself—all confused sexuality aside.


Look at all the fashion women have access to! I am an admitted clotheshorse and I’ve spent years building my wardrobe. And in truth…it’s worth thousands of dollars. And I’m proud of it. Yes. I’m fucking proud of my closet. Anyone who is a collector by nature has A) lots of problems B) devotion of money and adoration towards those problems…. okay off track a little.


My point is that years ago I could tell it wasn’t fair. Men, you get a sneaker and then like some sort of dress related shoe. How incredibly horrible. How many heels are out there? Ballet flats, wedges, boots, booties, sandals. And that’s just for your feet. The world of fashion is one I love and for the male gender it’s made so small. Compared to a lavish landscape of color and fabric. I think that’s a huge reason I love drag so much. It’s clothing at its most magnificent! And who gets to wear it? Dudes.


I’ve always thought everyone should get to wear everything. We’re just showing the things we love about ourselves on our skin.


And I’ve watched my gay guy friends examine all of my makeup, look slightly jealous of a designer jacket. So lets share all those pumps and military inspired blazers! Once more unto the closet my friend. Why don’t we all just get in the closet and pick stuff out together. Then go get a charcuterie plate and judge the hell out of some basics walking by.

*That pic isn’t necessarily trans…who gives a shit really?

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