Technically this is a blog. Some blogs are like, super popular and people love the authors and shit like that blah blah blah. I just like having an outlet and no one really giving a shit. That also means some anonymity. So I’ll take the advantage…

An acquaintance of mine is a successful business owner and I’ve only ever had pleasant interactions with her. I do know that her personal life has been a bit rocky and she has written about it herself on social media. She spoke about being struck in the head with a glass ashtray by a male friend. He told her she would always be single; no one would be with her. Granted there is more to the relationship but that was the end of the friendship to say the least.

I always tell myself that I would never take even the least amount of shit from a guy. That I would never let myself be harmed by anyone let alone a male. But what does that mean? That I can anticipate everyone’s moves? That I’m too ugly to be in any danger? That I know how to defend myself?  Who could know that a friend of many years would just fuck you up? You don’t.

Yeah, it could have been a female friend who did it. But it wasn’t.

I’m trying to come up with something to wrap this yammering up in a neat bow but I don’t really. I guess I just think about the fact that I’m 34 and that mean I’ve got like 50 more years left to be hurt possibly. Girls getting fucking hurt. Why is life like this? Why are so many guys like this? I mean I have the fucking best husband, nothing like my father. Can I say I’m close to any other man? Not really. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

*Art not mine. Don’t know who.

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