Me: Holy shit look how expensive that is!


Kid: Yeah I know.


Me: What do you plan on being? I hope it can pay for these books! *Chuckle


Kid: *Chuckle + look of confusion.




At the register:


Kid: So what did you go to school for?


Me: Well, I can write you one hell of a speech and tell you about history…(and look where it got me)


Kid: Oh man yeah I never could get in to history—ha.




  • Don’t say shit in front of people! Come on man!
  • Though I did NOT say the part in parenthesis, we knew
  • Work on being normal, or helpful, or anything
  • If you see the homeless woman, don’t use the bathroom. She is in there with the stall door open, ass on the seat.




*I like my job.

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