Lena Dunham really kind of sucks. Why did she have to go and lie to the public about that me too shit? I get she didn’t want to think of her friend being capable of that shit but then she made the victim look like a liar.

I saw the last Star Wars which stars the wonderful Adam Driver…who I found from girls…which is Lena and a big ol circle of goddamnits.

Also watching Brooklyn nine-nine which stars Andy Samberg…who is basically Jorma Taccone…who was fucking Booth Johnathan on girls…annnnnd I’m back

My hair stylist’s name is Lena

I’m tired. This year has worn me out. Especially this last end part. The part all adults have realized to hate. Yeah I know I’m not special but STFU.

I was at the mall today with David and who should walk by? Zane…the fucktard idiot child that ruined my work happiness. Like okay now you’re in my neighborhood motherfucker. And I KNOW you live fucking an hour away because you and your fuck-up of a mother couldn’t shut up about where I lived. I live with all the snobs who don’t know anything about anything and have no real restaurants well Fuck You and GTFO.

There’s nothing I can see right now that would let me believe that 2020 will give me any more purpose than 2019. I don’t see the universe revealing to me that I’ve been destined to be a musician or engineer. I doubt anyone needs to train me as a super spy. I think it will just be another year of me being lost.

I thought about updating the opening page on here, how it says “for lost girls”. I guess I was questioning whether it was too juvenile. But the thing is, I’m still juvenile. Still annoying, irritating, irrational, and habitual worrier. And so is the woman at 60 or the girl at 15—I’m afraid we might never be found. And we only get this one shot on earth. I don’t think I’ve spent all 34 years lost but if nothing else, I know I’m not alone.

(Also I would like to make out with all the men above)

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