Skinny Love

Love, so dangerous an idea

I float on it

I wrote on it

I dote on it

Romantic in my head

Sugar in my bed

Making my skin red

As I toss and turn

If you stayed the night

I’d make it so sweet

Heart skip a beat

That kind of heat

The sweat of the day

Mixing as we lay

Keep your feelings at bay

Jewelry on the side table

Drawing circles on your skin

Nothing fancy here

Just empty bottles of beer

While I rummage through my fear

Trust, you don’t want to see

Everything I think of me

Everything I think we could be

When the sun comes up

Coffee or tea?

It’s delicate timing this

Not just memories of a kiss

I let the kettle hiss

Watching the air steam

Milk or cream?

Your stare is a dream

I can revel in

You ask me to lay back down

So tempted to ask for more

My soul you already tore

Our clothes on the wooden floor

Holding me with the power of sleep

All my plans I’m driven to keep

Outside the clouds begin to weep

And I’m staying like this forever

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