Well I have Covid. David did too. Ugh.

Apparently, it’s going to exist for all time and people will just get it like the flu.

I’ve spent over two years without catching it damnit

I went to a pagan meeting. The woman leading it was so full of ego it was annoying as hell. I’ve taught much better classes. She talked about candle magic…my class was better. She talked about rope magic…I could have done better. She talked about a witch’s ladder, I’ll give her that one.

Pets: ten years of unimaginable love, two years of vet bills, and a tragedy you’ll never fully recover from. I didn’t say that but man it’s scary and probably true.

#17 (Harvey)

The patter of little paws sweep the floor

Anxious to see who appears at the door

A decade and more you’ve been by our side

Now all we can hope is for time to bide

Grievous is the hand that takes you from us

The greatest bright thing you gave us was trust

The trust that your life would always be great

But now grief has come, and the hour is late

Lay now to rest, our beautiful old friend

For your memory, this isn’t’ the end

Such a professor, you taught us so much

All we can now is remember your touch

            Nothing better than to have chosen you

            We hope that you will remember us too

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