When you’re unemployed and you want to leave your couch for a while honestly there are a bunch of things you could do. If you really really think about it what’s stopping you besides the law I guess. And even then, I mean, people break laws—it’s gonna happen. For some reason my go-to idea is the furthest from impressive, I just go to Narnes & Boble. I get coffee, find a seat, and then greet an instant wave of regret.

Do you know what haunts the Boble during the weekday? I will tell you: the geriatric (who I can’t stand which isn’t fair but it’s a whole other story), the possibly homeless, and the stay-at-home dads with toddlers. And that’s just the regular crowd. There is always the odd rogue such as the junior college student who doesn’t believe in shoes. So what about me? Don’t I fill the quota of unemployed person with a laptop? Yes, I suppose I do. Does it make me feel awesome? Fuck no.

So why do I keep coming back here? At this moment, sitting at this table, looking at a book on the shelf titled “Rich and Pretty” I have no idea. I wonder why the old man to my right is here. I think that dad just doesn’t know what else to do. Am I a dad just minus the kid?! Holy shit.

Why don’t you just get a job? Job…J O B…boj…bj…gross. I don’t know.


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