I’m prepared to show my ignorance

I never really knew anything about Israel and Palestine. I don’t know if it was that I didn’t care or what, because their rift is far from new.

The first thing I saw was Hamas shooting people in the street randomly. I was very confused. I didn’t understand why just two trucks full of men would just start killing people. It was bizarre to me. And that now one seemed to be successfully attacking this small group back. Here in America, such people would be put down viciously. TikTok, say what you will but I wouldn’t know what information I was searching for without it.

I started to dig. I think…and I can’t pinpoint the origin…I just assumed Israel was in the right. They were being targeted.

Celebrities coming through the woodwork talking about the Jewish people’s plight. That they too were Jewish, and everyone needed to know what was going on. Again, I was being misled.

The more I read the more the reality I learned. Their modern fight began years ago. But my government made sure the equation was simple, Israel = good guys.

The truth is there’s a thick timeline of politics and destruction. Creating little bits of land for the Palestinian people to live on while being within Israel. Everything is controlled, every human necessity is dangled on a string and yanked away from Palestine. Gaza and the West Bank…the open-air prisons.

And turns out, the rest of the whole damn world is backing Palestine. The people I just assumed were violent savages. And yes, the group Hamas is a terrorist group. A group of people who were at their end and so filled with rage, they became ugly. As ugly as the actions from Israel.

If you want to know the whole truth, it isn’t hard to find. Just use your fucking computer like I did. But basically two groups of people are suffering, but one side has significantly more power than the other.

I’m a dumb American. I freely admit to that. But this dumb American is of the opinion that Palestine needs help. Desperately. And because of old politics, we aren’t helping. They’re losing. And I feel foolish for not knowing.  

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