Have you ever gone to your psychiatrist appointment and then rushed to pee before it started? Then go into the bathroom to find the furry legs and head of a giant dog sticking out from under the other stall?


Yes! Score of all scores! It’s a service dog…with it’s owner…in the other stall. I sit down to pee but man do I want to touch the curly hair on that silly little paw! That would mean the owner would see a creepy hand reach down and touch her dog. Like some nightmare IT clown only the bathroom dog petting kind.


I convince myself not to touch it. But what is this? A flush? Come on Jenny get your pee out! You can’t miss this chance to get out there and see the full dog!


Hurry Hurry – pee pee


She is still washing her hands!


Yes! Ta-dah! Curly furry loveliness.


I controlled myself once again and did not ask the owner for a pet. But here’s the thing, lets say I DID do the pet under the stall. I’m technically there to get meds cuz I’m crazy…so in hindsight I feel like I could have gotten away with the under-the-stall action. Good, clean, dog loving action that is. You perverts.

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