I do believe I will be adding to my unemployment category very soon. My store is closing, and it’s a weird sensation. You’re not fired, and you’re not quitting, someone just decided that the rug you’ve been sitting on is ugly and they want to pull it out from under you.


And I actually like or liked this job. It was a good pace, I never called in faking sick. With all of my doctor/therapy visits it worked wonderful. Granted it pays shit but some spending money I guess. The weird thing is, it’s not my fault this time. I’ve never been fired but still quitting is a choice. So the guilt is free to flow! I could take a bath in job guilt!


I would love to go off and just slander the shit out of KU…but I wont. But I sooooo really could. Fuck these manners I’ve got. And I don’t hate a single person I work with, they are seriously all amazing. I will say my movie reviews when I’m unemployed are top notch so there’s that.


August – June—I guess whatever.


*Oh yeah, Alexa said employment was down. That’s why the title says that.

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