And no that doesn’t make me horribly depressed…ha ha! And I don’t feel gross inside or feel like crying for no reason. And I don’t let trying to put peanut butter into the little slit of a celery stick piss me off so bad I start to hate the Michael Bublé Christmas album that I put on to put me in a better mood.


I will admit that I don’t know the last time I was seriously happy because of them. I know I’m not alone. So what the fuck are we all doing?


Well I guess a lot of “us” have been sexually molesting others. Ruining each other’s lives. Our country definitely has a real life Grinch this year. And Alan Rickman is dead–man is this his time of year performance wise. (Tonks and Lupin are dead too, Fuck!) #seasonalmoviebinge


Maybe, if I think about it the right amount, I should let this year’s holiday swallow me up. Drown myself in cheer, candy canes, and ornaments. Bake a lot so I can eat my feelings. Do anything to avoid the news. This is getting to be a real downer. (Okay turn it around Jenny, just pull up on the stick thing like they have in helicopters)


What I’m trying to say is this: if acting like buddy the elf is going to get me through the next few weeks…then…I’m buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?

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