So I’m 4.5 months into my job. My supervisor made one too many oppsie-woopsies and my friend who is the only other full time employee found another job. SO…basically…the universe gave me fucking two seconds worth of employed happiness. Two seconds. It genuinely feels like two seconds.


Plain and simple, I’m not good at work in general. I have a desire to accomplish things. Help where help is needed. (yes, martyr me is basically what I’m saying) But everything I’ve tried hasn’t stuck. But this could be cozy, this could work. I work for a University and it’s enough hours that I can still take my class.


Finally caught that break—and then life butt-fucks you. (hyphen yes? No?) idk.


It’s weird that the entity that is “job” is so ominous. You CAN’T survive without one. And it dictates how, when, and why you spend your time. I gave up Friday nights and Saturdays for this shit! Yeah maybe I’m not like getting drunk and partying- which I could totally do if I wanted to. So I’m sacrificing couch part time for this!


Please karma, can we just get past that decade of kleptomania and start putting me in the black and just give me this.

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