After you die We will still be alive.
There will be a lot to fix, but we will fix it.
You may have poisoned our soil but we will make sure green grows again.
You may not get to see it all because you’ll be gone. And we will rejoice you are gone. And we will not forget how and who hurt our world. But there is strength in us. There is strength in our minds and in our hearts. We are making your ground rumble and we are making noise outside your windows at night. We want you to hear those children crying. We will find those children and find their parents and we will give them our food and our beds. And you may lay in yours tonight but you won’t always. It may be years, but we will wait. We will work. It may take an amount of time unknown, but it is not defeat. Not without hope. We are young, yes, but our numbers are growing. And soon, someday soon, we will break through your soil into the sun and become the new, the better country. A safe place. That is our dream.

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