Sooooooo, I guess I believe I’m still employed….but part of me is like naaah, you’re not.

I guess I’m sort of “on hold” right now. And what with chronic illness by my side it’s not completely shitty.  I won’t lie, it still feels shitty, but my ER visit last week didn’t interrupt me being desperately needed somewhere.

Everyone’s desperate about something.

I’ll have everyone know that my very talented husband got a new job. This came with a favorable devil-paper increase, which obviously helps my limbo employment status.

For years (and even now) I’ve wanted to be a literature professor. Even if I was smart enough to pass the exams (I’m not, I tried) there’s so much that goes into it, even logistically I don’t see it.  So I’m just wondering how many “dreams” a person can have? Or maybe I haven’t thought of the right ones yet. OR—maybe jobs aren’t dreams…they’re just jobs.

Also I’d like to give a shout-out to my uncle Kim, I accepted his friend request on fb the other day.  Good for him, getting on fb just when everyone 35 and younger is getting long gone goodbye.

Also I think aliens exist because Neil Degrasse Tyson does.

Also Also, Matthew Perry everybody????

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