So one-twelfth of the year is over.  And honestly this fucker has nearly made me use one of my three cry times of a year.

I want to make a post every month and when I get an idea for something worth-while I forget it. Because I don’t write it down. Because I have no will power to change my bad habits. Can someone say RESOLUTION truth! Ba-Bam!

I have discovered Brooklyn 99.  Turns out…great show. Unfortunately I have become irrationally obsessed Andy Samberg. Beautiful, great great laugh.  Actually that leads me to one for sure problem—the celebrity crush.

I know I am far from the only one, but it’s weird and unexplainable. I’m a grown-up, sort of. But all of the sudden I will get rose-glasses and google like crazy. Then the weirdest part…I get sad/mad about their spouse. Like if it wasn’t for their spouse, they would love me. In fact I feel super ridiculous even typing this. But it’s all true.

Psycho and true.

Pretty sure Andy Samberg’s wife is bad at singing. Yeah I said it.

Also I’m changing psychiatrists because the Kansas City Psychiatric something are CUNTS!

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