It’s the holiday season. My time to shine. The cold makes me happy. The snow makes me smile…then…”family.”

I put family in quotes because this year, wow, the people who married into the family really knocked it out of the park this Thanksgiving.

I learned that Disney Land cuts off the genitals of children. And a chemical in our water that has been shown to cause frogs to be gay, is the reason so many people are trans. (All thanks to my husband’s cousin.)

Grand prize however goes to MY cousin’s husband. The hate for Bud Light is still fiery my friends. So much so that he made it known that Dylan Mulvany is a f*ggot. Hate speech isn’t knew here, but it shocks me every time it comes booming out of that piece of shit mouth.

I’m torn between speaking up, and just not going at all. They both have consequences. But which is better for me and my mental and emotional health? Not going. I’m just not. Call it a last hurrah because I’m done. They honestly broke my brain this year. It took a couple days for it to calm down and reason once again. I say broke my brain because it literally had no space left, no strength left. It was just left busted into a thousand pieces.

 I’m not going to family Christmas if you’re wondering. Why? Why would I at this point?

I’m 38, 38 people! I still care about peoples feeling? Not to mention I’m an atheist. And I STILL care about feelings. Still let them pray. Still might go to a Christmas church service. All because I care. It’s essentially being a punching bag for other people. 38 is way too old for that.

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