These men, they make me not want to live anymore

They preach and preach like I’m some kind of whore

I’m a person, with bone and flesh just like them

A person alone in my chest and shirt hem

Slit my wrists for me

Yeah, another girl down

Some nasty sprite I could have been

Some nasty whore weighing over 200

Why should I even deserve to live?

What man should waste their time?

I’m a low value woman

Not worth the climb

Many steps down in fact

What was my husband thinking?

To sustain such a woman, loving and kind

But what about my waistline

What about my poisonous influence?

What am I costing his wallet?

I don’t make him dinner

I speak my mind

My desirability declines

I’m a woman, I’m dumber

I’m smaller and meek

I don’t deserve equal pay, equal rights, equal time

Just further the man’s line

Only speak when spoken to

Lean on the kitchen and laundry

Men first in the country

The provider, whose dick needs to be ridden

If not respected…

Put down and listen

Men shout to men, and the lies continue

The flies pile on us, we’re dead

Dead in mansions, dead in the street

Keep us helpless, keep us beat

This is a man

A man of high worth

It’s their truth since birth

But me, I’m buried under the dirt

Suffocating and wondering how short is my skirt

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